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Once you are approved, we will allocate your area and agree monthly lead targets. We’ll then provide all the tools you will need to assist customers achieve their financial goals.


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Sit back and watch the leads roll in via email or phone


1300HomeLoan separates itself from the rest on several levels. Firstly, we guarantee customer ownership and deliver consistent, agreed lead volume to allow you to build asset value. Secondly, it is the only distinctive model which allows brokers to tap into a recognised brand, via national top 10 marketing spend. Finally, we don’t just send you raw leads. All enquiries to 1300HomeLoan are prequalified by our call centre team, who deliver all key information via email with a recording of the telephone conversation, allowing you to prepare in advance and be in the best position to assist your customers.


Once an area is allocated and a track record of calls has been established, the exclusive holder of a 1300HomeLoan business will be able to demonstrate a record of calls and leads, as well as statistics that prove its value. This diversified lead source will add value to your bottom line and increase the value of your business.


Establishing a well-known, national retail brand, is beyond the resources of many independent operators. Using the economies of scale that come from a large broker network we are able to offer brokers the opportunity to operate under a consumer brand and reap the rewards from an extensive PR and advertising campaign.

It's a simple, effective way to build a business without adding significant costs, or having to develop and pay for your own marketing team.


A key strategy for 1300HomeLoan is to ensure that all brokers who join as partners meet high standards of excellence, professionalism and customer service. This will position 1300HomeLoan brokers as Trusted Advisors, something that will be strongly promoted in all marketing material, attracting high value clients looking for a better quality of financial solution. Once you are a partner for 1300HomeLoan, you will be recognised as one of the best owner-operated and managed brokers in the business.

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"Take your business to the next level. Join Australia's unrivalled lead generation and brand development company and reap the benefits."

Become A 1300HomeLoan Mortgage Broker and Acquire More Customers!

Becoming a mortgage broker on 1300HomeLoan can offer you a world of benefits. By joining us, you will be able to acquire many leads and potential new clients. Do you want to know how you can join our team and take advantage of all the benefits we can provide you with? Read on to find out all the information you need to get started.

How Do I Become a Mortgage Broker On 1300HomeLoan?

To become a mortgage broker on 1300HomeLoan, simply click on the register your interest button on the bottom of this page. Once you have submitted your information, our team will contact you as soon as possible. Before you can become a mortgage broker on our site, you will need to provide us with your qualifications and experience. Once we have validated your information, you are able to take advantage of everything 1300HomeLoan can offer you.

What Are The Main Benefits Of Joining 1300HomeLoan?

By joining 1300 Home Loan, you will get immediate access to potential clients in your area. 1300HomeLoans aims to put clients in touch with a local broker, so by joining us you get access to a large pool of potential clients.

Before you meet with a new client, 1300HomeLoan will provide you with the information you need, giving you plenty of time to prepare for your first meeting. However, potential clients also get the option to contact you directly by using the contact information on your profile page.

Another big advantage of joining 1300HomeLoan is the fact that you can benefit from our marketing and promotions. A large amount of people looking for a broker will use 1300HomeLoan to find one, so by being present on our website you have more chance of acquiring new clients. All brokers present on our website do not have to do anything special to generate more leads either, because 1300HomeLoan does it for you. Instead of having to register for countless social media pages or finance industry websites, you will get enough work from just being on 1300HomeLoan. All you need to do is sit back and wait for client emails and phone calls to come in.

What If I Have An Additional Specialisation?

Brokers on 1300HomeLoans all have their own field of expertise and this is advantageous for both clients and brokers. For example, if you mainly focus on property investment, you will find it easier to get in contact with clients looking for this particular specialisation.

In order to speak to the right customers, we recommend optimising your profile and to clearly state your qualifications and specialisation. Most clients will browse the short description under your name in the search list, so by making sure your specialisation is displayed, the client will find you a lot quicker.

Can I Contact You For More Information About Joining?

Would you like to contact us before you fill in our application form? To speak to our team, please dial 1300-466-356 or send your question to