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Be Smart About Mortgages! Hire An ACT Mortgage Broker!

Are you looking to buy your first home? Do you need to take on a mortgage so you can become a property owner? Be smart with your money and hire the services of an experienced ACT mortgage broker on 1300HomeLoan. One of our mortgage brokers cannot only help you avoid common pitfalls, but can also provide you with the best possible mortgage deal for your home purchase.

Why Is Hiring an ACT Mortgage Broker So Important?

Negotiating your mortgage with a financial institution can be quite treacherous, especially when you are dealing with them for the first time. There are hundreds of potential pitfalls that accompany your mortgage, so hiring an ACT mortgage broker can prevent potential problems.

People who are probably experiencing the most problems when applying for a mortgage are the self-employed. Before the financial crisis, mortgage applications for self-employed were a lot easier and less strict. However, after the financial crisis, mortgage application regulations were changed worldwide, making it a lot more difficult for the self-employed to apply for a mortgage. Being self-employed and getting a good mortgage deal without the assistance of an ACT mortgage broker is almost non-existent. However, if you are self-employed and want to apply for a mortgage, an experienced ACT mortgage broker will be your new best friend.

Another common pitfall of negotiating your own mortgage is the fact that unforeseen expenses are often forgotten about. Even though you might think you got a good deal at first, as soon as you encounter some unexpected costs, the mortgage deal might not seem so sweet anymore. This problem could have been avoided by using a mortgage broker though, since they have years of experience with finances. A good mortgage broker will get you a mortgage deal that will not leave you high and dry as soon as you got any extra costs around the house.

Since the financial crisis, credit checks have also become a lot stricter. There is little to no leeway for people who have had some bad credit in the past. Still, having a bad credit history does not necessarily mean you cannot obtain a mortgage at all. One of our mortgage brokers can work around your bad credit problem and create a solid mortgage application.

Many people who apply for a mortgage are also in danger of borrowing too much. Financial institutions also have a tendency to offer you more than you can afford. Even though you may be able to keep up with repayments, your financial life will be uncomfortable for some time to come. With the experience of a mortgage broker, you will not be in danger of borrowing too much. Instead, you will receive a clear mortgage with manageable repayments.

Can A Mortgage Broker Assist Me In Other Financial Matters?

All of the mortgage brokers on 1300HomeLoan have their own field of expertise. Some of our brokers have extensive experience in investment loans, while others have spent years in the property investment industry. For that reason, you can also count on our brokers for other financial problems.

In addition to mortgage assistance, our brokers can also be used for personal loans, refinancing strategies, property investment advice, creating budget plans and pre-approval organisation.

We do need to mention that the specialisation of each broker can vary, so we recommend reading the profile description of the broker before you decide to hire. It is also recommended to take advantage of the free appointment provided on 1300HomeLoan. During this free appointment, you can easily assess if the broker you have chosen will meet your requirements.

Where Can I Find Out More About Mortgages, Loans and Refinancing?

You do not have to go far for more information about mortgages, loans and refinancing, because you can find it all here on 1300HomeLoan. In order to keep our clients well-informed, we have created a number of pages that will provide you with everything you need to know.

Since the financial market is always evolving, we aim to keep our clients informed about any new developments as well. In the learning centre, you can find some handy tips and pointers based on the latest development in the finance industry. If you want to read more about recent changes as well, please follow us on social media.

Clients who want to know more about our services and what we can do for them, can also pay a visit to our services page. Whether you are looking to buy your first home or if you want to refinance your loan, you can find anything you need on 1300HomeLoan!

How Do I Contact A Mortgage Broker?

We already briefly mentioned our mortgage brokers. When you select your region in the search menu, you will immediately get a list of all available mortgage brokers in your area. Each of these mortgage brokers has their own profile. Clients can contact a mortgage broker by clicking on the “contact me” button in the search list, or by clicking on the “book a free appointment” button on the broker’s profile.

Are you not entirely sure what broker to go for? Or do you have some very specific needs where financial services are concerned? Feel free to contact 1300HomeLoan or fill in the “Arrange to talk to a broker” form.

Can I Contact 1300HomeLoan For Assistance?

Is this the first time you are using 1300HomeLoan and could you use some help navigating through our pages of mortgage brokers? Or do you have a very specific question for the 1300HomeLoan team? Do not hesitate to give us a call at 1300 466 359. Our customer service team is available on weekdays from 8.30 am to 5.30 pm and will be more than happy to assist you. If you cannot contact 1300HomeLoan during the office hours, then you can always reach us by sending an email to We look forward to hearing from you!