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  • Danny Lang


    Certificate IV in Mortgage Broking

    0 reviews

    Danny's aim is to close the gap between lenders to provide Australian's with the Mortgage they deserve. He is passionate about saving his clients’ money and ensuring they are satisfied with his service. What can you expect from working with…



  • Patrick Morgan


    0 reviews

    Patrick is an experienced mortgage broker working out of the Melbourne CBD. When it comes to finding a mortgage suited perfectly to your needs – you need a confident, learned, and enthusiastic broker. That’s where he comes in. Patrick will become your partner in…



  • Brian Wright


    7 reviews

    Brian is a MFAA Approved Credit Adviser and services the south eastern suburbs in Melbourne. As your circumstances change, your home loan needs to be flexible to meet your changing needs. Every lender has different credit policies that may or…

    Bentleigh, Mckinnon, Ormond


Looking for a Melbourne Mortgage Broker? Find The Expert You Need On 1300 Home Loans!

Many people take advantage of a mortgage broker nowadays, especially when it is the first time they are dealing with mortgage negotations. Obtaining the services of a Melbourne mortgage broker can be really beneficial to you. Curious why? Read on and discover all benefits that can be obtained from a Melbourne mortgage broker.

What Are The Advantages Of A Melbourne Mortgage Broker?

Did you know that the mortgage industry is actually a really competitive market? Financial institutions are now trying to give their customers the best deals, but unfortunately not everyone knows how to negotiate the better deal. With a Melbourne mortgage broker, you can get that sweet deal without much effort!

The Melbourne mortgage brokers displayed on 1300 Home Loan are experts in their own field. When you take a closer look at just one of our Melbourne mortgage brokers, you will immediately notice they have years of experience and a particular field of specialisation. Thanks to these specialisations, 1300 Home Loan is able to provide you with a wide array of services.

We do need to mention that getting the better deal is not the only reason why you should opt for a mortgage broker. One of the mortgage brokers on 1300 Home Loans can also assist you with additional financial issues, for example finance planning or budget planning. In addition to that, undergoing a big expense will be a lot less daunting when a mortgage broker has your back.

How Do I Find A Mortgage Broker That Is Right For Me?

Thanks to a large database of mortgage brokers, it is fairly easy to find a mortgage broker that fits your particular needs. On top of this page, you will find the mortgage broker search. All you need to do is select your region and start the search.

As soon as you have searched for your region, you will get a list with available mortgage brokers. Each mortgage broker has a short description under their name, these descriptions make it easier for you to find the qualities you are looking for. For example, some of our mortgage brokers have extensive experience with construction loans, while others have advised on personal loans for many years.

1300 Home Loans have mortgage brokers suitable for both individuals and businesses. So if you are a business looking to set up a new finance plan or budget plan, you can certainly find someone suitable in our list.

Customers who are having trouble selecting the right mortgage broker can always ask our help. On the contact us page, you will find the “Arrange to talk to a broker” form. Fill in your information and the specifics you are looking for and we will match a suitable mortgage broker for your region.

How Can I Learn More About Mortgages?

Our valued customers regularly send us requests for more information about mortgages and other finance related topics. In order to keep our customers well-informed, 1300 Home Loans created a learning centre page where you can find out everything you need to know.

The learning centre is the ideal place to learn more about mortgages, personal loans and even property investment. Find out how you can make an investment worthwhile or what you should consider when looking at refinancing options.

Do you need some textbook information on mortgages? Then we can recommend heading over to our services page. Click on “Buying Your First Home” and find out what the best way is to purchase a property. In this section you will also find additional tips on lender research, deposits and much more.

Our services page contains more than just information about mortgages, because you will find other information as well. By surfing to our services page, customers can find information about refinancing, personal loans, property investments, budgeting, pre-approvals and even renovation. So do not forget to check out these pages if you are in need of information.

Why Should I Choose 1300 Home Loan Over Other Services?

1300 Home Loan is one of Australia’s leaders where mortgage brokers are concerned. All mortgage brokers or financial services delivered on our website have been subjected to rigorous evaluation, so you can be sure you receive quality no matter what.

Another benefit you can obtain by choosing 1300 Home Loan is that you will be informed. We do not only provide the services you need, we also inform you about the financial processes and what you can do to get the best deal.

When you have surfed on our website a little, you will have noticed that we also have tools available. These tools are meant to give customers a better idea of what they can borrow or how they can go about repayments before they hire the services of a mortgage broker.

Last but not least, 1300 Home Loan is also an award winning service! Over the past few years, we have been nominated for Best Marketing, Best Training & Education and we were even a finalist in the Business Awards. In short, 1300 Home Loan is a service you can put your trust in.

How Do I Contact Your Customer Service Department?

1300 Home Loans also has an excellent customer service team. We understand that mortgage brokering does depend heavily on your specific needs, so we always have a customer service team ready to help you. Should you have any concerns or if you are having trouble finding the right mortgage broker, do not hesitate to contact us.

Customers can contact our customer service department by calling 1300 466 536. Our customer service team is available on weekdays from 8.30 am to 5.30 pm. If you have a question outside office hours, simply mail us your request at

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