• Contact Number 1300 466 356
  • Business Name Border Collie Home Loans
  • Business Address PO Box 7295, Beaumaris VIC 3193
  • License Details Australian Credit License Number 371309


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Brian Wright

Brian is a MFAA Approved Credit Adviser and services the south eastern suburbs in Melbourne.

As your circumstances change, your home loan needs to be flexible to meet your changing needs. Every lender has different credit policies that may or may not meet your present or future requirements. You may change from PAYG to self employment, be in receipt of regular overtime that your current lender will not accept or simply change jobs that may not satisfy your current lenders credit policy.

Lenders also have different policies for families who wish to purchase their next home before selling their current home. First home buyers may be seeking options to the mandatory 5% genuine savings policy to enable them to make an offer on their first home.

Brian will explain your options and work with you to identify the credit policy of the lender that best suits your home ownership plans.

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  • Bachelor of Business
  • Diploma of Financial Services/Mortgage Broking
  • Course in Property (Agents’ Representatives)


  • Contact Number 1300 466 356
  • Business Name Border Collie Home Loans
  • Business Address PO Box 7295, Beaumaris VIC 3193
  • License Details Australian Credit License Number 371309


Coverage Area: Bentleigh, Mckinnon, Ormond



Brian was recommended by my Father. Brian met with me a number of times on the weekend as I work during the day. As a first home buyer, the home loan process and the different banks was clearly explained and I was able to advise Brian what I needed in a home loan. I quickly obtained pre-approval and Brian provided me with numerous property profile reports to assist with the selection of my first home. The process was stress free and I can recommend Brian to others who are seeking a home loan.



I first met Brian when l was beginning the search for an investment property. He was always happily able to meet me anywhere given l had appointments in various suburbs throughout the day, and it was never a problem when l rang him for clarification or to explain the differences between various types of loans and the terms and conditions of the lenders. He understood my requirements and the level of risk l was comfortable with and was able to direct me to the right loan, and ensured the whole pre approval and then loan application process was smooth. I would have no hesitation in recommending Brian if you find the area of finance a minefield.

Sridhar Katakam

Glen Huntly, VIC

Patient, Articulate, Knowledgeable and Courteous

Being relatively new to Australia and not having purchased a house before, we were apprehensive about the whole process where the first step is to get the home loan. Someone recommended Mr. Brian Wright's name to us and little did we know that he is going to be our best friend and guide going forward in our home buying. He is patient, articulate, knowledgeable and courteous. He advised us the best rate of interest and was very helpful throughout and even after the house purchase. You can not go wrong with his expert mortgage brokering services if you are looking to finance or refinance your home. Highly recommended.

Ian and Kate Ashley

Parkdale, VIC

Expert Knowledge

We first met Brian several years ago when we required some advice on our home loan lender. After attempting ourselves to look at all the loans and lenders available we were very relieved to find Brian advising us on many options along with a clear explanation and understanding on our part. Brian undertook the transfer of lender on our behalf, something that would have taken us weeks to get to and carry out, with ease and constant and clear communication to us. We have used Brian again recently and found his expert knowledge of mortgages second to none. What would take the lay person many weeks to comprehend Brian presents in an easy to understand format. With his personable nature and go-to advice we would recommend Brian to anyone who requires finance or mortgage advice without hesitation.



I can't believe it, thank you so much for all your efforts Brian.

I knew when I first met you years ago to also make sure I'll go through you and you didn't let me down.

Your hard work has finally paid off.

Thank you thank you thank you

Heather W


Once again you have been nothing short of amazing! Thank you for all your help and expertise. I appreciate it very much.

Jennifer C

Hampton Park

Informative & Patient

I first met Brian years ago when he helped me acquire a home loan for my first house. I was extremely inexperienced when dealing with banks and home loan paperwork and Brian was amazing. He explained everything clearly and was always happy to go over anything I didn’t understand (as many times as I needed). Brian helped me again recently to obtain my next home loan. He was very informative, patient and always ensured I had the most up to date information. I would recommend Brian to anyone.

Need a Mortgage Broker With Broad Experience In Business and Mortgage Broking? Go for 1300HomeLoan Mortgage Broker Brian Wright!

Each mortgage broker on 1300HomeLoan has his own specialisation or field of expertise. The same goes for mortgage broker Brian Wright, who is not only knowledgeable in the field of mortgages, but also knows plenty about business and property acquisition. If you are looking for a mortgage broker who can provide you with a loan for your business or with a loan to buy your first property, Brian Wright will be the broker for you.

What Qualifications Does Mortgage Broker Brian Wright Have?

Brian Wright has quite a few qualifications under his belt. The mortgage broker has obtained a Bachelor in Business, a Diploma of Financial Services and Mortgage Broking and has done a specialised course in property. Clients who are looking for home loans, refinanced loans or investment property loans will therefore find the perfect mortgage broker in Brian Wright.

Can I Hire Brian Wright For The Purchase Of My First Home?

Clients who intent to purchase their first home and need a good mortgage broker to sort out their home loan can certainly count on the services of broker Brian Wright. In addition to that, Brian can also assist home owners who need their loan refinanced, this can happen when clients experience problems with loan repayments or because they want to take advantage of a better mortgage deal.

Brain also has plenty of experience with families looking for a loan for their new home. Some families want to move to a new home, without having to sell their old home first. Even though this provides them with more security where living arrangements are concerned, it can cause some problems with financial institutions or lenders. However, there is no reason why families should give up this security just to acquire a loan. With the help of broker Brian Wright, you can obtain a loan for your new home and still enjoy the comfort of your old one.

What Areas Does Brian Wright Cover?

Broker Brian Wright can help clients in the Bentleigh, McKinnon and Ormond areas. Are you not living in one of these areas but do you still wish to hire Brian Wright as your broker? Please contact 1300HomeLoan to see what your options are.

Can I Read Some Reviews About Brian Wright?

Many clients on 1300HomeLoan have already used Brian Wright as their broker. To see what other clients have to say about this broker, please scroll down to read the testimonials. If you have used this broker in the past and wish to leave him a review as well, please send your testimonial to enquiries@1300homeloan.com.au. Our team will place the review on the page of this broker as soon as possible.

How Can I Contact Brian Wright To Make An Appointment?

Would you like to hire Brain Wright as your broker? To book an appointment with Brian Wright, please click on the “book a free appointment” button on the profile of this broker or call 1300HomeLoan on 1300-466-356.