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Buy your home sooner with the First Home Owner Grant and other State Govt Concessions.


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Buy your home sooner with the First Home Owner Grant and other State Govt Concessions.


Patrick Morgan

Patrick is an experienced mortgage broker working out of the Melbourne CBD. When it comes to finding a mortgage suited perfectly to your needs – you need a confident, learned, and enthusiastic broker. That’s where he comes in. Patrick will become your partner in this search, working with you to find a home loan product tailored perfectly for you. Through a fresh and friendly approach to tailoring financial solutions around your lifestyle he will work tirelessly to deliver personalised, individual service that sets him apart from other brokers. With over 30 banks and lenders to choose from he takes care of the entire process, saving you time and money with the key objective to help you secure the right finance solution with minimal disruption to your busy schedule.

Being a fully licensed broker through the Finance Broker Association of Australia (FBAA) Patrick ensures he works to the highest professional standards and provide quality advice to his clients. The range of products he can deals with include:

  • Refinancing
  • First home buyers
  • Commercial properties
  • Investment loans
  • Debt consolidation loans
  • Construction loans
  • Self managed superfund loans
  • Lo Doc and No Doc loans, Self-employed
  • Family guarantee security loans
  • Non conforming loans (e.g. adverse credit history)


Coverage Area: Melbourne

Having a Loan Problem You Cannot Fix On Your Own? Acquire The Services Of Mortgage Broker Patrick Morgan!

Applying for a loan can be accompanied with a bunch of hassle. Fortunately, you can acquire the services of an experienced mortgage broker to make the entire loan application process easier. So instead of struggling to get a good loan deal and a strong loan application, why not hire an experienced mortgage broker like Patrick Morgan and make the loan process stress free?

What Services Does Mortgage Broker Patrick Morgan Provide?

When you need someone who has extensive experience in all aspects of loans, you will have found the right person in mortgage broker Patrick Morgan. In addition to helping you with basic home loan applications, you can also count on this broker for loan refinancing, first home buyer schemes, commercial properties, investment loans, debt consolidation loans, construction loans, self-managed superfund loans, low doc and no doc loans, self-employed loans, family guarantee security loans and non-conforming loans.

What Is The Biggest Advantage I Get when I Hire Mortgage Broker Patrick Morgan?

Hiring mortgage broker Patrick Morgan comes with many benefits, but the biggest benefit for many clients is that they always get the loan that is suited for their finances. Whether you are self-employed or a first time home buyer looking for a suitable loan product, broker Patrick Morgan will assist you every step of the way.
There are hundreds of loan products out there, but the trick is to find the loan that suits you. Financial institutions will also look at their own gain before they look at yours, so it is essential to have an experienced broker at your side to protect you against the consequences of a bad loan.

Patrick Morgan has his own portfolio with over 30 banks and lenders, which he uses to get the best loan deals for his clients. Patrick has done years of research into the banks and lenders he uses, so he can guarantee his clients that they will be getting a loan that suits them perfectly. By hiring the services of Patrick Morgan, you also protect your future financial interests, since every loan he provides will have your best interest at heart.

In short, broker Patrick Morgan will always provide a personalised service. A personalised service is essential in the broker world, because every client has his own requirements and needs. Without a personalised loan, you can encounter problems in the future and this is something we all want to avoid. If you want to get a loan that fits you, or some advice on home loans, investment loans or refinancing options, be sure to get the services of this broker.

How Do I Get My Appointment With Patrick Morgan?

Have you decided that Patrick Morgan is the right broker for you? Book an appointment with this experienced broker by calling 1300HomeLoan on 1300-466-356 or send a message to Alternatively, you can also click the “book a free appointment” link. Clients can find this link on the profile page of their broker.