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  • Vishal Behl

    Quakers Hill

    0 reviews

    Quakers Hill


  • David Fleming

    Baulkham Hills

    2 reviews

    With Dave Fleming and Equity Resource you will be able to access a seamless service incorporating mortgages, financial planning and investment property consultancy. You can avail yourself of the services individually or in any combination. With more than 15 years…

    Baulkham Hills, Bella Vista, Winston Hills


  • Ian Jervis


    0 reviews

    Blackbutt, Dunmore, Flinders, Oak Flats, Shell Cove, Shellharbour


  • Patrick Morgan


    0 reviews

    Patrick is an experienced mortgage broker working out of the Melbourne CBD. When it comes to finding a mortgage suited perfectly to your needs – you need a confident, learned, and enthusiastic broker. That’s where he comes in. Patrick will become your partner in…



  • Glenn Rowan

    Hoxton Park

    1 reviews

    GLENN ROWAN – FINSURE BROKER (Dip. FS – Mortgage Broking / Dip. FS – Financial Planning). When people think about buying or refinancing a home, they can be overwhelmed with the range of home loan and investment loan products that…

    Hoxton Park


  • Ren Wong


    2 reviews

    Services Offered Residential Home Loans Commercial Finance Insurance Deposit Bonds Planning Car Financing About Ren We suggest home loans from our panel of banks & non-banks lenders with YOU in mind. You are assured of quality advice. We help you…

    Chippendale, Darlington, Carlton, Carlton South


Need Help With Mortgage Negotiations? Get Assistance From A New South Wales Mortgage Broker!

Negotiating a good mortgage can be tricky when you have little to no experience with mortgages. Fortunately, you can always count on the expertise of a New South Wales mortgage broker on 1300HomeLoan, who will be more than happy to negotiate a mortgage deal for you. On top of that, you can also count on our brokers for other matters. So be sure to read on and discover everything 1300HomeLoan brokers can offer you.

How Can A New South Wales Mortgage Broker Help Me?

There are many things that a New South Wales mortgage broker can assist you with. The main thing that one of our brokers can do for you is negotiate your mortgage deal with a financial institution. This is not an easy thing to do, because mortgage negotiations are usually accompanied by many pitfalls.

Many people often find themselves trapped during a mortgage negotiation. They usually have their heart set on one particular financial institution they are familiar with, unfortunately that does not mean that they have your best interest at heart. It is always a good idea to remember that a financial institution is always after its own gain, so they will try to make you accept a mortgage that is in their best interest, not yours.

By hiring the services of an experienced New South Wales mortgage broker, you can rest assured that you will get a better deal. Not only will an experienced mortgage broker look at more than one financial institution for a good deal, they will also negotiate a mortgage that is beneficial to you, not the financial institution.

People who take advantage of a mortgage broker also have less chance of being declined for a mortgage. Financial institutions will look at more than just your income, since they do a thorough credit background check on you before approving your mortgage. With the help of a mortgage broker, you can be sure you will have a strong application that will be difficult to decline.

In addition to mortgage assistance, you can also count on our brokers for other financial matters. Do you need assistance with loan refinancing or could you use some advice relating to property investment? Go for one of our brokers and get the assistance you need.

How Do I Find A Broker With The Right Specialisation?

Each of the brokers featured on 1300HomeLoan has his or her own profile. Before you click on a profile, you will notice a short description under their name. In this description, you can usually find a quick overview of skills and specialisation. For example, if you are looking for a broker with experience in property investment, this will be mentioned in the short description under their name.

Once you have clicked on a profile, you will get a profile page where all the qualifications and specialisations of a broker are displayed. So if you are looking for a very specific broker, we can recommend having a thorough look at their profile page. If you have found the right broker, you can immediately contact them from that page.

How Do I Contact My New Broker?

Brokers can be contacted from the search list as well as their profile page. When you are on the search list, you will notice a “contact me” button on each of the broker descriptions. Simply click that button if you want to contact a broker from the search results.

Alternatively, you can also contact a broker from their profile page. Every broker has a “Book a free appointment” button on their profile. Simply click this button to set up a free appointment with the broker of your choice.

Would you rather call your broker? No problem either! Every broker on 1300HomeLoan displays their contact details on their profile. Simply find the phone number on the left-hand side and give your new broker a call!

What If I Cannot Decide Which Broker To Get?

Are you not entirely sure what broker would be best for you? Then you can always count on the experience of the 1300HomeLoan team! Head over to our contact page and find the form “Arrange to talk to a broker” on the right-hand side of this page. Fill in your personal information and describe in short what you are looking for.

Once 1300HomeLoan receives your broker request, we will start looking for a suitable broker in our database. This process usually does not take long given the fact that we have quite a large database at our disposal. As soon as we have found a suitable broker for you, we will contact you.

Can I Evaluate My Broker?

Have you used a broker from 1300HomeLoan and would you like to share your experience? Would you like to endorse the skills of the broker you have used? Then be sure to let us know! 1300HomeLoan is always happy to hear your feedback, so send us your review and we will make sure it gets placed on our website.

Can I Read Some Reviews?

The majority of 1300HomeLoan users like to read some reviews before they decide to hire a broker. This is also not a problem, since most of our brokers already have some reviews from other 1300HomeLoan users. To find these reviews, click on the profile of the broker. Each review for that broker will be displayed under their profile.

Can I Contact You Directly For A Broker?

Do you need more assistance to find the right broker? Call 1300HomeLoan at 1300 466 356. We are always available on weekdays from 8.30 am to 5.30 pm.

1300HomeLoan users can also contact us via email. Simply send your query to 1300HomeLoan aims to respond to request as soon as possible. Questions send to us on the weekend will usually be responded to the next business day.