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  • Hayden Dempsey

    East Perth

    0 reviews

    Services Offered Residential Home Loans Commercial Finance Insurance About Hayden Hayden Dempsey has worked in financial services for 8 years and has assisted hundreds of people through the home buying and mortgage refinancing process. Hayden started his company Premium Portfolio…

    East Perth, Maylands, Mount Lawley


  • Lend Me


    0 reviews

    If you want the right personal, auto or property loan, selected from a huge range of different lenders, including the big banks, call LendMe and we’ll come to you. Anywhere. Anytime. Let us compare car, property or personal loans for…



  • Patrick Morgan


    0 reviews

    Patrick is an experienced mortgage broker working out of the Melbourne CBD. When it comes to finding a mortgage suited perfectly to your needs – you need a confident, learned, and enthusiastic broker. That’s where he comes in. Patrick will become your partner in…



Find A Suitable Perth Mortgage Broker With 1300 Home Loan! 

Have you been looking for a Perth mortgage broker, but did not have much luck so far? No need to despair, because 1300 Home Loan can take care of all your Perth mortgage broker needs! Thanks to our high-quality database of mortgage broker, 1300 Home Loan can provide you with the Perth mortgage broker you have been looking for.

Why Should I Choose A Perth Mortgage Broker On 1300 Home Loan?

1300 Home Loan only provides qualified and experienced mortgage brokers. Taking on a mortgage is quite the responsibility. Our aim is to make this process easier for you by providing you with specialised services from experienced industry experts.

When you take a look at our list of mortgage brokers, you will notice that each broker has a very particular field of expertise. 1300 Home Loan currently has a database with mortgage brokers suited for both businesses and individuals.

Are you looking for someone with a background in banking? Or do you need someone who has a lot of experience in the field of property investment? On 1300 Home Loan you can definitely find a Perth mortgage broker who has the experience you need.

Does 1300 Home Loan Only Provide Services For Mortgages?

The services of 1300 Home Loan, and the Perth mortgage brokers, are not limited to mortgages alone. Given the background of our mortgage brokers, you can count on additional services as well.

Having said that, the list of services on 1300 Home Loan is quite extensive. Customers can get valuable advice on matters relating to property investment, car loans, personal loans, financial planning, budget planning and more. For a full overview of the services we offer, please click on the “our services” tab and find out what you can benefit from!

Customers who are not really sure which broker to go for, should head over to our contact us page. On the contact us page, customers can fill in the “Arrange to talk to a broker” form. Enter the reason why you need a broker and 1300 Home Loan will find the most suitable broker for you. If you rather choose your own broker, you can always select a person from our Perth broker list.

What Are The Benefits Of Using Mortgage Brokers?

Using the services of a mortgage broker can give you a better deal on your mortgage. The mortgage market has become a lot more competitive over the past few years, especially since the financial crisis. There are many financial institutions that could possibly provide you with a good deal, but many people do not know where to find them. Hiring the services of an experienced mortgage broker may provide you with that good deal.

Another good reason to hire a mortgage broker is the fact that you can put your trust in them. When an individual or business is directly dealing with a financial institution for a good mortgage deal, chances are high they are not going to get the mortgage they were looking for. Mortgage brokers have years of experience in the financial market and could potentially save you a lot of money in the long run. Do not forget that a mortgage broker has your best interest in mind, so they will work hard to get you that sweet deal.

In addition to mortgage benefits, individuals and businesses can also get many benefits hiring one of our brokers as a financial or budget planner. Making your household or company more effective can be difficult without the required expertise, but fortunately one of our brokers can sort that out for you.

Can You Provide Me With More Information About Mortgages?

1300 Home Loan encourages customers to find out more about mortgages or specific financial matters. In order to provide our customers with that information, 1300 Home Loan has created the learning centre, which is an interesting page on our website where you can find the latest on mortgages and finances.

In addition to the learning centre, customers can also obtain more information about the field they are interested in by going to our services. When you click on one of the services, you will immediately get a page with detailed information about the topic at hand, for example buying your first home. On top of that, customers also get useful tips and guidelines that can help along the way.

How Do I Find Out What I Can Borrow?

Although this is a question your mortgage broker can definitely help you with, we do have some tools available that can answer that question for you. Under our “tools” category, customers can find the “How Much Can I Borrow” tool. On this tool you can select term, interest rate, application type, income, expenses and much more. Simply press the calculate button and find out how much you can borrow immediately.

We also need to mention that there are more tools available to customers. Additional tools you can find on the 1300 Home Loan website are: the loan repayment calculator, the extra repayment calculator, the stamp duty calculator and the budget planner.

I Am A Perth Mortgage Broker. Can I Join The Team?

Are you an experienced Perth mortgage broker with a vast experience in a particular field of financing? Then you might be a great candidate for the 1300 Home Loan team. To request to join our team, simply click on the brokers section at the top of this page.

Please note that all potential candidates are subjected to an evaluation. However, once you pass that evaluation, Perth mortgage brokers can obtain valuable leads and new clients without doing anything at all.

How Can I Contact 1300 Home Loan For Mortgage Information?

Are you unsure which mortgage broker to go with? Or do you have a question for the 1300 Home Loan customer service team? Feel free to give us a call at 1300 466 359.

Outside office hours, 1300 Home Loan customers can also reach us by sending their question via email. Simply enter your question or request and send it to