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Buy your home sooner with the First Home Owner Grant and other State Govt Concessions.


Hayden Dempsey
East Perth

Services Offered

  • Residential Home Loans
  • Commercial Finance
  • Insurance

About Hayden

Hayden Dempsey has worked in financial services for 8 years and has assisted hundreds of people through the home buying and mortgage refinancing process.

Hayden started his company Premium Portfolio Finance to continue and extend his passion for achieving long term financial goals with his clients. His experiences with mortgages range from first home buyers to complex company structures.

By understanding your future goals, I will find a product and lender that is right for you. This is achieved by mapping your unique financial profile and then tailoring the most effective solution to your suit your situation.

Purchasing a new home, refinancing, or deciding on an investment can be a stressful experience. My job is to break down the options and use my experience to structure and develop a solution that suits your needs and lifestyle.


  • Certificate IV in Financial Services (Finance / Mortgage Broking)
  • Diploma of Financial Services (Finance / Mortgage Broking)


Coverage Area: East Perth, Maylands, Mount Lawley

Need A Home Buying and Mortgage Refinancing Expert? Hire The Services Of Hayden Dempsey!

Looking for a good mortgage broker in East Perth, Maylands or Mount Lawley? Meet Hayden Dempsey, expert in residential home loans, commercial finance and insurance. Hayden Dempsey graduated with a diploma of financial services and a certificate IV in financial services, which enables him to assist clients with complex financial matters.

What Can This Mortgage Broker Do For My Residential Home Loan?

Buying your first home can be quite daunting. For that reason, it is always a good thing to have an experienced mortgage broker on your side, who can negotiate the best mortgage deal for you. Hayden Dempsey is a mortgage broker who can negotiate your mortgage with the financial institution, so you will get the best deal for your new home no matter what.

What Can This Mortgage Broker Do For Commercial Finance?

Are you looking to expand your business and do you need a loan? Would you like to invest in a new commercial property? If this is the case, you can count on the expert services of this mortgage broker.

Running your own business is time consuming and having to deal with loan applications and property investment options can take away some valuable time. So why not keep your valuable time and take advantage of an experienced mortgage broker who can take care of everything for you?

What Can This Mortgage Broker Do For Insurance?

There are hundreds if not thousands of insurance agents out there. Each of these insurance agents have their own rates and deals, so it can be hard to find the best one if you do not have the necessary experience in this field. If you are currently looking for car or home insurance, and want to get the best possible deal, it is always a good idea to hire a broker.

Hayden Dempsey has extensive experience in insurance and will be able to provide you with the best insurance deals on the financial market. With the help of Hayden Dempsey, you will get an excellent deal that is in your favour.

Can This Broker Assist Me With Loan Refinancing?

Have you obtained a mortgage a few years ago, but was the mortgage deal not as good as you expected? Or maybe your financial situation has changed and you want to take advantage of a shorter loan term? If this is the case, you can also hire the services of Hayden Dempsey. In addition to being able to provide you with a great mortgage deal, Hayden Dempsey can also provide you with great loan refinancing options. Thanks to more than eight years of experience in the financial industry, Hayden Dempsey can give you a loan refinancing option that fits you perfectly.

How Do I Contact Hayden Dempsey?

Would you like to book an appointment with Hayden Dempsey to discuss your options? Clients can contact Hayden Dempsey directly by calling 1300-466-356 or by clicking on the free appointment button on the left side of your screen.