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Buy your home sooner with the First Home Owner Grant and other State Govt Concessions.


Collins Mayaki

Collins Mayaki is committed to putting the needs of his clients at the centre of everything he does, coupled with extensive finance and lending experience, enables Collins to provide outstanding mortgage service.

He has spent many years assessing home loan applications for some of the major banks, with a first hand insight into how to structure client applications to ensure the most efficient processes are undertaken to obtain a home loan approval for as many of his clients as possible. His strong industry knowledge is backed by his emphasis on providing the very highest level of customer service to ensure a stress free experience from start to finish. This overall positive experience means his clients readily refer him to their family, friends and colleagues.

In addition to his mortgage broking qualifications, Collins holds postgraduate qualifications in accounting and management, and he prides himself on high personal ethical standards and integrity. He is able to assist all types of borrowers:

  • First Home Buyers
  • Self-employed borrowers
  • Refinance an existing property
  • Purchase a new property.

He works closely with people wanting to start or grow their investment property portfolio, either individually or within a self managed super fund. He can also assist business clients with their commercial finance needs.

Call Collins today on 0466 970 529.


Coverage Area: Sydney

Adrian H


Great friendly character

Collins you were great through the whole process, nothing was a bother to you. You return my all my calla when possible which was a bonus, great friendly character and your service was a blessing. cant say more I want your head to fit through the door. I would recommend you to anyone.

Theresa O


Happy with the result

There were some confusing times but Collins helped me through them. I. found the process over the internet a little hard because I was not tech savvy. I am happy with the result. Thank you very much.

Sayan (Alex) V


Excellent service, genuine, fantastic rates

Dear Collins,

Thank you again for making my first investment property dream comes true. You provided an excellent service, genuine, fantastic rates and follow up is spot on. I would recommend 1300HomeLoan to my friends.

Thank you

Sayan (Alex)

Gayle M


Incredibly patient

I was extremely happy with the service you gave me. You were incredibly patient with my lack of computer knowledge and the time it took me to respond to your requests. I would not hesitate to recommend your service. Thanks Gayle.

Jeila P


Helpful, attentive and thoughtful!

It was brilliant! From the start to the finish, he is always helpful, attentive and thoughtful. As a first home buyer, I had so many questions and repeated asking same questions but Collins was always helpful!

Really appreciate all help Collins provided and highly recommend!

Need a Mortgage Broker To Stand By You During The Purchase Of Your First Home? Hire Expert Home Loan Broker Collins Mayaki!

Looking for your first home can be quite stressful. You often do not want to think about your mortgage application and the entire process can seem quite daunting at first. Luckily, you can count on a great mortgage broker with broad experience in home loans – mortgage broker Collins Mayaki.

What Qualifications Does Collins Mayaki Have?

Mortgage broker Collins Mayaki has all the qualifications needed to provide you with the best deal on your home loan. Collins Mayaki has obtained his qualifications in mortgage broking, but also earned postgraduate in accounting and management, contributing to the success of his mortgage broker career.

During his career as a mortgage broker, Collins Mayaki has spent years researching various loan applications from major banks and discovered how to incorporate these loan applications with the needs of his clients. Thanks to his extensive knowledge of the lender world, he is able to provide clients with a very strong application for their loan.

What Does This Mortgage Broker Specialise In?

Mortgage broker Collins Mayaki mainly focusses on first home buyers, self-employed borrowers, property refinancing and property purchases.

Buying a home can be very exciting, but you are often confronted with a huge list of available loans and various financial institutions each offering a different deal. Without experience in finance, it can be very difficult to make the right decision quickly, so the purchase of your new home often gets postponed. Collins Mayaki can do all the negotiating and comparing for you. He can also make some excellent home loan suggestions, which will give you a more secure financial future.

Loan refinancing is another service you can obtain from broker Colling Mayaki. Many people who obtained a loan a few years ago are now discovering that their rate and repayment term is far from ideal. Fortunately, clients can always take advantage of loan refinancing, where a new loan is created that takes care of the old loan.

However, the new loan can have more advantage for the client, considering that mortgage broker Collins Mayaki can provide you with a better interest rate or repayment term.

Self-employed clients can also count on the services of Collins Mayaki. If you have been looking to get a loan as a self-employed applicant, you will have noticed that getting approved as a self-employed applicant is far from easy. However, Collins Mayaki can provide you with a loan by negotiating with various financial institutions. On top of that he can also get you some nice rates and repayment terms. So why do it the hard way when it can be easy as well?

How Do I Book My Appointment With Collins Mayaki?

Would you like to hire Collins Mayaki as your mortgage broker? Contact Collins Mayaki directly by calling 0466-970-529. Clients can also call 1300HomeLoan to make an appointment with this broker on their behalf. To contact 1300HomeLoan, please call 1300-466-356. However, you can also book an appointment by clicking on the “book a free appointment” button on the left side of the brokers’ profile.