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David Johnson
Dip FS (Finance & Mortgage Broking Management) Bronte

David has broad experience in residential and commercial real estate finance. A property investor himself, David has at times had a portfolio of up to 16 properties. Currently leading a financial services company providing real service for executives and business owners he aims to earn repeat business from quality, discerning clients.


  • Residential & Commercial mortgages for professionals & self employed
  • Vehicle & Equipment Leasing
  • Transactions with multiple entities (Trusts & companies) & properties

Core clients

  • Busy executives & professionals
  • Self Employed Business owners
  • Owners of multiple properties looking for the best structuring

Industry Achievements

  • Top 100 Mortgage Brokers 2009 (Australia) – Mortgage Professional Australia Magazine
  • Top 40 Broker 2010 (NSW & ACT)
  • Top 40 Broker 2011 (NSW & ACT)
  • Top 40 Broker 2012 (NSW & ACT)



Coverage Area: Bronte, Waverley

Jim & Mary


Self Employed

David was on the ball from day one. We had a few properties owned by ourselves and also in a trust. Being self employed we have had issues in the past with lenders not understanding our combined income in the business, our investment co and of course our own names. Not only did David make the whole process simple by liaising directly with our accountant & RE agent but he also saved us money. We will be back!



First Home Buyer

As a first home buyer I had to admit to having no idea about the process. David made everything extremely simple and both him and his assistant Deb were there for me every step of the way. I'm sure I was a complete pain emailing questions every day but not only was he fine answering the same questions multiple times, he also gave me loads of information. When the big day came he even came to the auction with me to help me with the process and my nerves. Thanks David!!!

In Need of an Expert in Self-Employed and Commercial Loans? Get the Loan You Need With Mortgage Broker David Johnson!

When you are self-employed or the director of a business, you may find it difficult to obtain a loan nowadays. Rules and regulations have become a lot stricter, so without the help of a good mortgage broker you may have a lot of difficulty getting your loan application approved. Fortunately, professional clients can count on the services of mortgage broker David Johnson, an expert in residential, commercial and self-employed loans.

What Can You Tell Me About Mortgage Broker David Johnson?

David Johnson is a mortgage broker with broad experience in both residential and commercial real estate finance. He is also a property investor himself, so he knows exactly what the pitfalls of property investment and acquisition are.

In addition to his experience and interest in property investment, David Johnson specialises in residential and commercial mortgages, self-employed mortgages, vehicle and equipment leasing and multiple entity transactions.

Mortgage Broker David Johnson also has a number of awards and achievements to his name. These include the top 100 mortgage brokers of 2009, top 40 broker of 2010, top 40 broker 2011 and top 40 broker 2012.

How Can David Johnson Help Me Get A Self-Employed Loan?

Being self-employed does not mean you are not entitled to a good home loan. Unfortunately, financial institutions can give you quite a bit of hassle if you are self-employed and looking for a good deal on your mortgage. Even self-employed applicants with an excellent credit rating and income have experienced problems getting a home loan in the past.

With the help of mortgage broker David Johnson, self-employed clients will be able to create a very strong home loan application that cannot be refused by the financial institution. David Johnson is also familiar with current lenders and knows which of these lenders can provide a good deal for self-employed applicants. David Johnson will therefore not only help you create a strong application, but also help you find a financial institution that will have no problem accepting your home loan application.

Can David Johnson Also Assist With Residential Home Loans?

Mortgage broker David Johnson does not only provide his services to businesses and self-employed applicants, because you can also hire him to help you with your residential home loan. Have you been looking to buy your own property or are you buying your first home? Be sure to contact mortgage broker David Johnson for a strong mortgage application!

How Can I Make An Appointment With David Johnson?

Have you decided you want David Johnson as your mortgage broker? Make an appointment with David Johnson by calling 1300HomeLoan on 1300-466-356. Clients can also book a free appointment with broker David Johnson by clicking on the “book a free appointment” button on his profile page.

Are you left with a question about David Johnson or the services he provides? Do not hesitate to send your question to and our support team will get back to you as soon as possible.