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Buy your home sooner with the First Home Owner Grant and other State Govt Concessions.


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Buy your home sooner with the First Home Owner Grant and other State Govt Concessions.


Denistone Financial Services
Concord West

Denistone Financial Services assist individuals just like you to achieve their property ownership dream. This is achieved through educating you about finance, loan processes, products and requirements.

Whether you are looking to buy your first home, renegotiate your existing home loan, take out another mortgage, buy your first or your fifth investment property, we can provide you with a timely, stress free solution that is the right home loan for you.

Our role as Mortgage Brokers is to take the stress away from you as we complete all the legwork for you. We present you with the results of our research from the myriad of home loan products available.

You can trust that DFS is committed to providing you with personalised service that helps you achieve your desired financial outcomes now and in the future.

You are our greatest asset which is why we continuously commit ourselves to providing an excellent customer experience and building long term relationships.

Meet the Team

Matt Hemmons

Matt’s extensive lending experience and knowledge brings a decided edge to all of his clients when it comes to sourcing the most complete package their situation demands.

Julie Hemmons

Julie’s commitment to customer service along with an in-depth knowledge of lending products ensures you will obtain the most suitable loan and structure with as little stress as possible.

Susanna Ng

Susanna strives to provide the best service each and every time and to do everything possible to find her clients the best deal possible on their home loan. Susanna is fluent in Mandarin and Cantonese.


Coverage Area: Concord West, West Ryde

Dreaming of Owning Your Own Home? Make Your Dream Reality With The Help Of Denistone Financial Services!

Getting a home loan does not have to be complicated. With the help of an experienced mortgage broker, you can get a strong home loan application and choose from a variety of home loan products suitable for your financial situation. Are you currently looking for a mortgage broker to help you with your home loan? Be sure to take advantage of the services of Denistone Financial Services!

What Can Mortgage Broker Agency Denistone Financial Services Do For Me?

Mortgage broker agency Denistone Financial services will not only provide you with suitable home loan choices and provide you a strong application, they will also educate you about finance, loan products and all the requirements accompanied with these financial matters.

Whether you are looking to purchase your first home, want to get loan refinancing or want to obtain another investment property, a mortgage broker from Denistone Financial Services can certainly help you.

Which Mortgage Brokers Can I Obtain Services From At Denistone Financial Services?

The first mortgage broker you can find at Denistone Financial Services is Matt Hemmons. Broker Matt Hemmons has a broad experience with lending options and can provide his clients with strong loan applications. He can also give his clients a home loan solution that matches their finances.

Clients who go to Denistone Financial Services can also take advantage of the services of mortgage broker Julie Hemmons. Julie is known for her excellent customer service skills and her extensive knowledge of loan products. With Julie’s help, customers are able to obtain suitable loans and a clear loan application that is stress and hassle free.

The last broker you can hire from Denistone Financial Services is Susanna Ng. Susanna is dedicated to providing each of her clients with the best possible service. She will go above and beyond to find a suitable home loan for her clients. In addition to her home loan knowledge, she is also fluent in Mandarin and Cantonese.

What Areas Does This Broker Agency Cover?

Denistone Financial Services is mainly active in Concord West and West Ryde. If you want to take advantage of their services, but not entirely sure if your location falls into their coverage area, do not hesitate to contact 1300HomeLoan for additional information.

Where Can I Find Licence Details Of This Agency?

Denistone Financial Services is a licenced broker agency. Clients who are interested in obtaining their broker services will find their licence information on their profile page. In addition to the licence information, you will also find their business name and business address.

How Do I Make An Appointment With One Of These Brokers?

Would you like to hire the services of Denistone Financial Services? Do not hesitate to contact 1300HomeLoan on 1300-466-356 or book a free appointment on the Denistone Financial Services profile page. For more information about any of the brokers on 1300HomeLoan, please send your question to and we will get back to you as soon as possible.