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  • Danny Lang


    Certificate IV in Mortgage Broking

    0 reviews

    Danny's aim is to close the gap between lenders to provide Australian's with the Mortgage they deserve. He is passionate about saving his clients’ money and ensuring they are satisfied with his service. What can you expect from working with…



  • Patrick Morgan


    0 reviews

    Patrick is an experienced mortgage broker working out of the Melbourne CBD. When it comes to finding a mortgage suited perfectly to your needs – you need a confident, learned, and enthusiastic broker. That’s where he comes in. Patrick will become your partner in…



  • Brian Wright


    7 reviews

    Brian is a MFAA Approved Credit Adviser and services the south eastern suburbs in Melbourne. As your circumstances change, your home loan needs to be flexible to meet your changing needs. Every lender has different credit policies that may or…

    Bentleigh, Mckinnon, Ormond


Stay Free From Mortgage Problems with a Victoria Mortgage Broker

Is the prospect of obtaining a mortgage a bit daunting to you? Have you been wanting to obtain a mortgage, but has the entire process discouraged you? Hire the services of a Victoria mortgage broker on 1300HomeLoan and discover how easy it can be!

Where Do You Get Your Mortgage Brokers?

1300HomeLoan actively looks for mortgage brokers or they find us. After a thorough evaluation and a qualification check, brokers are displayed on our website to the general public. Our company also ensures that each of our brokers has a particular specialisation, so that our clients can find the perfect Victoria mortgage broker for their specific needs.

Are you a Victoria mortgage broker who has plenty of experience and would you like to join our team? Please click on the “brokers” link on the top of this page and register for your spot on 1300HomeLoan today! Becoming a broker on 1300HomeLoan can give you leads and customers without any extra effort from your part.

Is A Victoria Mortgage Broker From 1300HomeLoan Trustworthy?

In order to ensure that customers get a Victoria mortgage broker they can trust, 1300HomeLoan will subject each applicant to evaluations and a qualifications check. The majority of our mortgage brokers will also display certain details on our website, for example their license number or qualifications.

Customers who want to obtain more information about a particular broker, only need to click on their name. Once you clicked on the name in the search list, you will get an entire new page with all the information shared by the Victoria mortgage broker. Information could include their contact details, license details, address, qualifications and a little personal information. Once you are satisfied with the information found on their page, you can easily contact the Victoria mortgage broker by clicking on the “contact me” button in the search list or by clicking on “book a free appointment” on their profile page.

What Can A Mortgage Broker Help Me With?

Even though the main goal of a mortgage broker is brokering mortgage deals with financial institutions, most mortgage brokers will provide you with additional services depending on their specialisation. A few extra services you can find with our mortgage brokers are insurance assistance, debt consolidation and property investment advice. In short, when you choose 1300HomeLoan you can get all the financial services you need.

Would you like a full overview of all the services you can obtain on 1300HomeLoan? Please visit our services page and discover all financial services right now!

What Do I Need To Look Out For With Mortgages?

Clients who are considering to buy a new home, and obtaining a mortgage in the process, should be aware of some big mistakes most new mortgage holders tend to make. By reading the information below, you can avoid these common mortgage mistakes.

First of all, it is always recommended to get a loan with a fixed rate, especially if you intend not to move within the next five to seven years. Adjustable-rate mortgages may seem interesting at first, but they can be quite treacherous. Customers on an adjustable-rate mortgage are also more likely to need refinancing.

Most mortgage brokers will also advise you to really think about the costs of home ownership. Buying a home may seem quite affordable, but there are a lot of extra costs that are often forgotten, for example interests and general costs around your home. With the help of your mortgage advisor, you will get a better view of interest rates and how it could impact your living expenses. Still, with the right advice and mortgage deal, owning your own home can truly be liberating.

Another good advice is never let a financial institution tell you what you can afford. Banks or other lending agencies want to maximise their earnings and not necessarily give you the better deal. This is also a reason why mortgage brokers are so necessary, because they do have your best interest at heart.

Your credit will also be a vital factor when it comes down to your mortgage. This is also something that is usually checked by your mortgage broker. When checking your credit reports, it is essential to check their accuracy. The smallest mistake in these reports could lead to higher mortgage ratings or even a rejection. Fortunately, you do not have to worry about these things when you obtain the services of a mortgage broker.

Remember that we only mentioned the most common pitfalls here and that there can be a lot more along the way. By hiring someone with the experience and knowledge in the finance industry, you do not have to worry about such problems ever again.

Do You Have Any Tools That Could Help Me?

In addition to acquiring the services of experienced mortgage brokers, you can also come to 1300HomeLoan for some free finance tools. With our range of tools, clients can find out how much they could borrow, how to plan their budget and even calculate repayments.

To use our free tools, simply head over to the tools tab on our main menu. Here you will find all interesting tools that could help you with your next financial venture.

Customers who are interested in acquiring more information relating to mortgages, loans and finances, should definitely have a look at our learning centre as well. Here you will find interesting insider tips for mortgages, personal loans, first time home buying and much more.

Can I Contact 1300HomeLoan To Find A Mortgage Broker?

Are you experiencing problems finding a suitable mortgage broker in your area? Are you looking for a very specific specialisation field? No need to worry, because 1300HomeLoan will have someone in our database to help you out.

For more information or to arrange a specialised broker, please call 1300HomeLoan at 1300 466 356 on weekdays between 8.30 am and 5.30 pm. Interested parties can also email us by sending their query to