Where Can I Find the Best Mortgage Broker in Melbourne?

The bustling city of Melbourne appeals to people from all over the world. Those who visit Melbourne instantly fall in love with the food and thriving culture in the city. Many keep on visiting whenever they can, while others would love to permanently reside there.

Even when prices and interest rates in Melbourne are rising, nothing can stop anyone in love with the city from investing property here. At the end of the day, it is the things we worked really hard for that means the most. If you want your first home to be in Melbourne or you just want to invest property there, hiring the best mortgage broker will help counteract the effects of the rising prices.

Why Do I Need the Services of a Mortgage Broker?

Mortgage brokers act as the borrower’s agent in dealing with banks and lenders. Their job is to find the best loans depending on the capacity and needs of the borrower. After being hired, the first task of a broker is to study the financial information of the client and talk to them about their plans. From there, necessary documents are prepared and the broker would look for mortgage products that match the client’s finances.

Majority of a broker’s job involves negotiation with banks and non-bank lenders. Without a broker, you would need to call banks and other lenders on your own. This will prove as impractical because unlike brokers, you have a limited connection with financial institutions. Mortgage brokers, on the other hand, have built deep professional relationships with various lenders through years of regular contact with them.

Moreover, particular brokers usually get special rates because of the business they bring to the lender. Plus, really good brokers have the charisma to convince lenders to waive some of the fees, which will otherwise burden you. On your own, you may fall in the trap of lenders that demand the most burdensome payment terms.

Now that interest rates and house prices are high in Melbourne, you need a broker to advocate for your finances more than ever. Let the magic of the best mortgage broker decrease your costs and find you the best deal for your dream house.
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Where are the Best Mortgage Brokers in Melbourne?

As the second largest city in Australia, Melbourne is populated that searching for people or services may be difficult. That is if you do not have the right tools. 1300HomeLoan is the answer to your mortgaging needs.

1300HomeLoan is a fast-growing broking company that features only the top brokers in all Australian capital and major regional cities. We also cater to the needs of clients in rural and the most remote areas through our mobile and online mortgage brokers. The recognition our company has garnered in the industry is your assurance that our brokers deliver quality services.

Our website features a find a Mortgage Broker Tool, which places the best broker in your locality just a click away from you. To get started, you simply select Melbourne from the dropdown options and click start searching. Then, the profiles of available brokers in Melbourne will appear in a matter of seconds. The profiles of our brokers briefly but thoroughly describe their areas of expertise, work experience, and qualifications. Reviews and recommendations by other clients are also available in the profile section. With these features, you can easily track down the characteristics you are looking for in a mortgage broker.
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Can I Trust 1300HomeLoan Mortgage Brokers in Melbourne?

Through word of mouth, a person’s bad experience with a broker spread. Such comments have made people sceptical in employing the services of mortgage brokers. Despite the headache it causes, some people persist in going through the entire mortgage process on their own.

Here at 1300HomeLoan, we are devoted in protecting and promoting our clients’ needs. It is not the banks, lenders, or our own interests that we are after, it is our clients. Our philosophy has helped many people regain their faith in mortgage brokers.

Through our list of top brokers in the cities, we keep clients away from the crooks. Our brokers are experts in their field who possess integrity and loyalty. They even go beyond their duty when they see that clients will benefit from it. We understand how frightening dealing with mortgage is, so our brokers guide clients throughout the loan process.

One of the selling points that makes our brokers irresistible is their contacts with varied banks and lenders. Banks are not the only financial institutions that can extend loans. Other establishments include credit union, saving companies, loan companies, and many others. Through their years of working with these institutions, our mortgage brokers have established strong relationships with them. Some benefits from these contacts are waived fees, special discount rates, and additional loan features. Most importantly, the varied contacts allow our brokers to have flexibility in finding the best deal that matches the client’s needs.

How Do I Contact 1300HomeLoan Mortgage Brokers in Melbourne?

Before actually hiring one of our brokers, you can book a free consultation appointment from the profile section. This will give you an idea about how our brokers work and what they can do for you. Once you are ready to hire a broker, you can contact him through the details in his profile page.


Does 1300HomeLoan Provide Other Services?

Aside from home loans, 1300HomeLoan also provides services in refinancing, renovations, self-employed loans, personal loans, organising pre-approval, and even in budgeting and planning. Our website also features a learning centre where timely discussions and valuable tips on finance and investment topics are published. The articles on our learning centre give our clients more information and knowledge that help them understand the broking process. 1300HomeLoan gets even better with our powerful tools such as a borrowing power calculator, loan repayment calculator, other calculators, and budget planner. These are readily available to everyone who accesses our website.

We know how excited and frightened you are in your home or property investment. We are excited for you too! But you do not have to be frightened. Talk to our brokers now and find out why our clients rely on us for their mortgage needs.


If you'd like to know more email us - enquiries@1300homeloan.com.au, or call 1300 466 356
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