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  • Hayden Dempsey

    East Perth

    0 reviews

    Services Offered Residential Home Loans Commercial Finance Insurance About Hayden Hayden Dempsey has worked in financial services for 8 years and has assisted hundreds of people through the home buying and mortgage refinancing process. Hayden started his company Premium Portfolio…

    East Perth, Maylands, Mount Lawley


  • Lend Me


    0 reviews

    If you want the right personal, auto or property loan, selected from a huge range of different lenders, including the big banks, call LendMe and we’ll come to you. Anywhere. Anytime. Let us compare car, property or personal loans for…



  • Patrick Morgan


    0 reviews

    Patrick is an experienced mortgage broker working out of the Melbourne CBD. When it comes to finding a mortgage suited perfectly to your needs – you need a confident, learned, and enthusiastic broker. That’s where he comes in. Patrick will become your partner in…



Get The Best Mortgage Deal With A Western Australia Mortgage Broker!

Getting a mortgage does not have to be difficult or tedious. With the help of an experienced Western Australia mortgage broker, you can get a good mortgage deal without all the extra hassle. The financial market is always changing and there are a number of benefits to be had if you know where to look! Count on the experience of a Western Australia mortgage broker and get the best mortgage deal possible!

Why Should I Hire A Western Australia Mortgage Broker?

There are some people that take the plunge of getting a mortgage themselves. However, after obtaining the mortgage they often wished there were some things they would have checked out beforehand. For example, many people that obtain a new mortgage, often do not think about unforeseen expenses such as a new child in the household. Still, these problems can all be avoided by getting an experienced mortgage broker on 1300HomeLoan.

Clients who have little to no experience with filling in a mortgage application, also have a higher chance of being declined. What many people are not aware of, is that there are a number of things the financial institution will be looking at. Credit rating is just one of those things. Without a mortgage broker, clients are left to their own devices and need to figure out these best possible way to fill in that application in order to get accepted.

We do need to mention that a mortgage approval cannot be the only problem you will be facing. The main problem of individuals and businesses trying to negotiate their own mortgage is the fact that they borrow too much or get a rough deal. Financial institutions are always after their own gain, so it is essential never to take the word of the financial institution on how much you can borrow.

In short, a mortgage broker cannot only avoid the common pitfalls people are facing when applying for a mortgage, but also ensure that you get a good deal you will not regret in the long run.

Can 1300HomeLoan Find A Suitable Western Australia Mortgage Broker For Me?

1300HomeLoan has an incredibly large database with mortgage brokers from all over the country. Even though this gives our clients a lot more choice, it can be quite difficult to decide which mortgage broker is best for your particular needs.

Our company is dedicated to bring the most suitable mortgage broker to the client, so you can always count on our help to find the mortgage broker you need.

Before contacting 1300HomeLoan, we recommend using our search feature. Select your region and take a look in the list of available mortgage brokers for your area. By doing so, you get an immediate overview of possible candidates and you might find someone suitable immediately.

However, if you are dealing with too much choice, or if you are looking for a very specific mortgage broker, you are more than free to contact 1300HomeLoan for assistance. If you want to find your mortgage broker quickly, we recommend using our “Arrange to talk to a broker” form. Simply enter your name, email, and postcode in the respective fields and enter what mortgage broker you are looking for. As soon as 1300HomeLoan receives your request, we will start looking for your perfect mortgage broker and get back to you as soon as possible.

Do You Have Additional Information About Mortgages?

1300HomeLoan aims to provide clients with as much information as possible. Clients can now take advantage of our learning centre, which you can find on our main menu.

The 1300HomeLoan learning centre provides clients with recent information relating to mortgages, but also refinancing and property investment. If you want to know more about mortgages and loans, you can also head over to our services page, where you will find detailed information about each service, but also more information about things such as mortgages and loans.

Even if you are not that knowledgeable about mortgages or other financial problems you are dealing with, you can still count on the personal advice of your mortgage broker. One of our mortgage brokers will be more than happy to lay out all options for you.

What If I Cannot Find A Suitable Western Australia Mortgage Broker In The Search Results?

Clients who are having trouble finding a suitable mortgage broker in our list can always give us a call. However, if you are looking for a broker, we can recommend filling in the “Arrange to talk to a broker” form on the contact page. By doing so, 1300HomeLoan will find a suitable broker for you.

Can Mortgage Brokers Provide Me With Additional Financial Services?

Everyone who has used 1300HomeLoan before will know that our mortgage brokers have plenty of experience in the financial industry. Each broker featured on our website has a specialisation, which means you can also take advantage of that knowledge.

Some of the additional services you can find on our website are loan refinancing, property investment, personal loans, pre-approval organisation and much more. No matter what financial problem you are dealing with, you can be sure you can find a suitable broker on our site.

To find out the specialisation of a specific broker, click on their name in the search list. In addition to their specialisation, clients will also be able to find their Australian credit licence, qualifications and contact information. In other words, clients can contact their broker directly without any interference from 1300HomeLoan.

How Can I Contact 1300HomeLoan?

Clients can always contact our customer service department if they are in need of assistance. For more information about mortgages, or to find a suitable broker for your needs, please call 1300 466 356. Our customer service department is always available on weekdays from 8.30 am to 5.30 pm.

Our valued customers can also reach us outside the office hours. Simply send your question or request to and our team will get back to you as soon as possible.