Why is 1300HomeLoan one of the Leading Mortgage Broker Websites Around?

If you are struggling to find the right mortgage broker, then you should go visit 1300HomeLoan. It is one of Australia’s biggest, fastest growing, and most reputable mortgage broking companies.

What Does 1300HomeLoan Offer?

● We find the suitable mortgage broker for you

If you visit our site, we have a Tools page that will allow you to search for a broker wherever you are located. Whether you are in the capital cities of Sydney, Melbourne, Adelaide, Brisbane, or Perth, or whether you are in the regional areas, you can surely find a suitable broker who will help you with your mortgage needs.

Just hover over the “Our Business” section and click the “Talk to a broker” link. You simply have to select your area on the new page and after selecting your area, you will be given a list of suitable brokers. Each of the brokers has a description of qualifications to allow you to easily determine whether the broker is the one you are looking for.

In case you cannot immediately find a broker, you can always contact 1300HomeLoan by filling in the request form. You can also call us or send us an email.

● We give you advice

Whether you are buying a new home, refinancing your loan, renovating or building, investing in property, or applying for a personal loan, you are assured of our assistance. Many people who are applying for a mortgage and denied were not really aware of the mortgage process and requirements, the reason why they were not able to get loan approval. A mortgage broker from 1300HomeLoan does not only find you the best loan package. Our mortgage brokers also make sure that you understand how the mortgage process works. Your best interests are always their utmost concern, so whatever situation you are in, trust that there is always a 1300HomeLoan mortgage broker who is willing to assist you in your needs.

● We help self-employed individuals with their loan applications

Self-employed individuals usually do not have regular income streams, thus making it difficult for them to get a loan. 1300HomeLoan have solutions for self-employed individuals who have incomplete financial documents; short-term self-employed individuals; those who are in need of a line of credit facility; and those with outstanding tax dues.

● We assist in budget planning

If you are having a hard time saving up, we can also help you with this. Whether you are saving up to buy a new car or you are planning to go on a tour, having a decent budget plan is necessary and our brokers can definitely create a workable plan for you.

Why Do I Need a Mortgage Broker For My Loan?

If you want to get the best possible rates for your loan, a mortgage broker is what you need. When you choose a broker, you are assured that you won’t get bad mortgages or unsuitable loan packages. Mortgage brokers do the job of finding lenders for you and come up with the best product based on what you need.

Mortgage brokers are experts when it comes to mortgages, personal loans, and other related financial transactions. They know how the mortgage process works and you can request them to explain to you the things that you don’t understand about mortgages and loans.

Brokers usually have access to several lenders, which means that your choices would not be limited to only one or two lenders. This is the big difference between using a mortgage broker over a bank. Since brokers have several lenders on their plate, they can serve you with different product choices based on what you need.

You don’t need to do the legwork; brokers do it for you. They do the research, consolidate your financial documents, and submit them to various lenders. They can easily and immediately find the best rates for you. This way, everything becomes easy and fast.

Lastly, mortgage brokers can assist you as well with other matters, including budget planning, property investment, and life insurance. Thus, when you are concerned about your finances, like when you need help to get your financial situation in order, find a mortgage broker to help you.

How Do I Get Help From 1300HomeLoan?

As mentioned, you can easily find a mortgage broker from 1300HomeLoan by simply accessing our Tools page. A list of suitable brokers will be provided and you choose which broker to hire based on the qualifications listed.

According to experts, it is best that you deal with two or more brokers before you finally decide which broker to hire. All our brokers at 1300HomeLoan are competitive and reputable. However, it is important that you are comfortable with the broker who will process you loan. Thus, you have to meet up and sit down with two or more brokers to determine whether you are comfortable with the broker.

Setting up an appointment with any of our mortgage brokers is without any charge. This way, you are assured to find the best mortgage broker to help you out with your loan. Make sure that when you talk to a broker, you ask questions. Request for explanation if you don’t understand an item. Good brokers should be able to explain fully the terms and conditions of the loan in the simplest possible terms. A competent broker should be able to answer confidently every question of the borrower. Make sure also to be clear about the fees that you have to pay before you finally decide to hire the broker.

In case you cannot find a broker at 1300HomeLoan, do not hesitate to give us a call or send us an email. We are always ready to assist you in finding a suitable mortgage broker to help you with your mortgage needs. Call us within office hours at 1300-466-356 or send us an email at enquiries@null1300homeloan.com.au.

Remember, finding a broker should be taken seriously. Enquire now at 1300HomeLoan for your mortgage concerns.


If you'd like to know more email us - enquiries@1300homeloan.com.au, or call 1300 466 356
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