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At1300Home Loan, we are dedicated to find you the mortgage broker you need. In order to do that, we needed a team of experts with experience in finance as well as marketing and IT. To prove that you can put your trust in us, we have created this page, providing you with more information about 1300 Home Loan and the people behind it.

Who Is Behind 1300HomeLoan?

The 1300HomeLoan team consist of people from different backgrounds, including a mortgage broker with extensive experience in the real estate industry, an investment expert, a marketing professional and operations manager. Each person in our team has their story to tell, so be sure to click on the “meet our team” link to find out more about our experts.

How Do You Find My Mortgage Broker?

Our team can provide you with a mortgage broker thanks to a large database we have created over the years. Mortgage brokers from all over Australia get the opportunity to join our database and it is through this database we can find the perfect mortgage broker for you. However, each mortgage broker that wants to join us needs to be able to provide us with their qualifications, needs to have experience and must have a particular specialisation. Thanks to our strict selection process, you can find mortgage brokers with various specialisations. We have brokers with experience in property investment, while other brokers are specialised in personal loans.

Has 1300HomeLoan Won Any Awards?

1300HomeLoan is definitely amongst the top mortgage broker providers in Australia. When you visit our “meet our team” page, you will notice some of the awards we were selected for. Some of the awards we have been on the shortlist for are: best marketing, best training & Education, aggregator of the year, the business awards and AMA.

Have You Been Featured In The Media?

Our company has been featured in the media multiple times. To see all the press releases where 1300 Home Loan has been mentioned, and to read all the other media releases we have been featured in, please click on the “In the Media” link on this page.

Can I Follow You On Social Media?

Clients who want to stay updated about developments in the financial world can always follow us on Facebook, Twitter or Google+. To follow us on social media, please click on one of the social media buttons on the bottom of any page. Most of our pages can also be shared on Twitter, Facebook and Google+, so do not hesitate to share when you think a friend may be interested.

How Do I Contact The 1300HomeLoan Team?

Do you wish to speak to the 1300HomeLoan team? Give us a call at 1300-466-356 to speak to someone directly. Alternatively, you can also send us an email. Simply send your message to and we will get back to you as soon as possible.