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Dreaming of that new kitchen or want to add an extra bathroom? Perhaps you’re looking to spruce up the backyard or fix that old laundry.

Sometimes choosing the right loan can be just as stressful as the renovation itself.

Depending on your loan arrangements, you may be able to borrow extra funds on your existing home loan without having to take out a new loan. Or, if you’ve been making repayments above the required amount, you may be able to redraw the extra payments.

Let 1300HomeLoan take the hassle out of financing your next renovation and allow you to put the finishing touches on your ideal home as fast as possible.

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Building & Construction Loans

If you’re building a new home or planning major renovations to your existing home, a construction loan is generally the most appropriate funding option. The major difference between a construction loan and a standard home loan is that in the case of a construction loan the loan is usually drawn down in stages. Payments (or drawdowns) coincide with the initial purchase of the land followed by a number of key construction stages.

This type of loan is ideal for building, as you only pay interest on the amounts you have drawn down.

Before building starts, you will need to pay a deposit to your builder as well as paying a deposit for the land if you are buying land. As work progresses you will need to make payments to the builder.

Construction loans are generally structured for progress payments to be made to the builder during the various stages of construction.

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Need a Loan For Renovation Or Building?

Are you looking to put an addition on your existing home? Or have you bought a property that needs renovating? There are many loan options out there for people who need an additional financial injection to realise their building dream. A mortgage broker can provide you with a strong application and give you the best possible chance to get that loan.

How Can a Mortgage Broker Help With My Renovation Loan?

When you want to change a few things in or around your home, but do not have sufficient funds to tackle this task, you can count on a mortgage broker to sort out a suitable loan for you. Your mortgage broker can also determine if it is possible for you to add extra funds to an existing home loan, eliminating the need for you to take out a completely new loan.

How Can a Mortgage Broker Help With My Building Or Construction Loan?

Clients who want to build a new home can also benefit from the services of a mortgage broker. Most brokers will present you with construction loan options, given the fact that this is usually the best option for people looking to build.

There is a crucial difference between a home loan and a construction loan. The construction loan is usually drown down in stages, depending on the purchase of the land and the stages of your construction process. The construction loan will also be more beneficial than a standard home loan thanks to the structured progress payments to the builder.

Clients who are not entirely sure about their options should definitely have a word with their broker. A 1300HomeLoan broker can provide you with additional options and explain the workings of a construction loan. A good broker will also be able to avoid common pitfalls of construction loans and ensure you get the best agreement possible.

How Do I Find a Broker For a Construction Loan?

Finding a broker on 1300HomeLoan is incredibly easy. All you need to do is select your region in the dropdown menu and hit the search button. Once you have executed the search, you will get a list with all available brokers in your area. Underneath the name of each broker, you will notice a small description with their specialisations and qualifications, making it easier for you to make the right choice. If you are not entirely sure which broker to go for, we recommend contacting the 1300HomeLoan team, who will find the best broker for you.

Can You Select My Perfect Broker?

Clients who are having difficulty selecting the right broker can always contact us to select a broker for them. When you head over to the contact page, you will notice a form on the right side of the screen. Simply add your information and request to the form and submit it to 1300HomeLoan. The 1300HomeLoan team will get back to you as soon as possible.

Alternatively, you can also contact the 1300HomeLoan team by telephone or email. Call 1300-466-356 or send your question to