Get A Better View Of Your Mortgage With Our Stamp Duty Calculator!

Many people believe that getting a mortgage is all about your income and how much you can borrow on that income. Even though this is not necessarily wrong, there are a lot more things that need to be taken into account when you are going to get a mortgage, one of these things being stamp duty. Not entirely sure what stamp duty is? Then be sure to read on to find out everything about it!

What Is Stamp Duty?

Stamp duty is the duty which is levied on the legal recognition of certain documents, for example the documents that accompany the purchase your new home. The stamp duty can also be variable according to your location, so it is always a good idea to look into the stamp duty of your current region.

Calculating how much stamp duty you are going to pay can depend on a number of things. First of all there is the location in which you are going to purchase your new property. Secondly, there is the property type you will be purchasing. For example, are you going to purchase a live-in property or an investment property?
People who buy a home for the first time can also get additional help, for example the First Home Owner Grant. So be sure to discuss these extra options with your mortgage broker before you choose a mortgage option.

Why Should I Choose A Mortgage Broker Relating To Stamp Duty?

Given the fact that stamp duty is just one of the things you need to think about when you are getting a mortgage, it is recommended to hire the services of a mortgage broker. A good mortgage broker from 1300HomeLoan will be able to tell you more about the additional costs and expenses that are accompanied by a mortgage, but could also reduce these expenses by providing you with more options.

A mortgage broker from 1300HomeLoan will also give you more options where mortgages are concerned. The broker will start comparing various financial institutions and mainstream lenders, searching for the best possible mortgage deals.

One of our brokers can also help you to create a budget plan before you accept your mortgage deal. A good budget plan can help you with a deposit, but can also provide you with some financial security before you move into your new home or apartment.

In short, a good broker can do a lot for you, not only for your mortgage deal, but also for your future financial situation. In order to find a broker that suits your needs, please head over to our tools section and select the “Find a Mortgage Broker” tool. From here you can get a list of available mortgage brokers in your particular area.

Can I Contact 1300HomeLoan If I Have Questions About Stamp Duty?

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